I have been using the Liquid Manna for only a short time and have experienced a satisfactory result. I have had pain in my shoulder due to a fall and pain in my neck due to whiplash for the past few years. Although the pain is not yet completely gone, I feel that the pain in my shoulder is reduced at least 60% and the pain in my neck at least 85%. Also, the water has helped with floaters in my eye. Looking forward to more of the same.


The lady that runs the local store in our village wanted some water. When I delivered it to her and was talking about the possibilities, she mentioned that her mother needed this water also. Reason being that she led one of these oxygen canisters around with the nose tube. I told her that if she got on the water, probably by the third day she wouldn’t need it.

She called me back today to tell me that she got her mother on the water on Friday and today, Monday, her oxygen had gone from 84 to 93. I will follow-up on this to see if she left the bottle alone but that is a nice jump in blood oxygen just simply from drinking the water. I told her that I expected it to go on up to perhaps 95 – 97 which is getting close to the upper limit of the apparatus that they use.

Dear .. my dad’s doctor for the prostate cancer today said that his cancer is down from 40% to 2% and the cancer is disappearing Glory to God. The doctor could not believe it and never seen anything like that happen and told him to keep doing whatever he is doing. My dad is 80 years old and is so happy today thanks to God for the liquid manna. Praise and Glory to the Most High for this healing and we truly thank you .. very much.

Remain Blessed in Christ’s Glory forever.

I want to give you some feedback on the Liquid Manna.

This may not be a big deal for most people; however, I am overweight and it is only my third week at the gym. After completing each session during the first two weeks of training, I had to hang on to the stair railings or I would have needed to sit on my backside to get down the stairs. My trainer is a serious trainer who does not compromise. After each training session, I could barely walk for the next few days.

During the third week of training, I received my shipment of Liquid Manna. Prior to my weekly one-on-one personal fitness session, I consumed a daily average of 1.5 liters of Liquid Manna water for two days. After my training session, the instructor commented that he had worked me so hard that I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. I went home and consumed another 600 ml of Liquid Manna water before I went to bed. The next day there was absolutely no evidence of muscular pain. I have had no pain since starting my daily intake.

At my next training session my personal trainer was impressed with my strength and challenged me to “chest pull” the entire rack of weights. I struggled but managed to do it – again, no signs of muscle fatigue during the next few days.

My two elderly felines are now drinking the water. After two days my 14-year-old arthritic cat is running around the house. My 15-year-old cat is just chilling as she usually does.


I did the lowest level bath buddy last night & definitely wasn’t prepared for what followed. I was also exhausted after work compounded by a lack of much sleep the night prior. This tub buddy acted like a bathtub full of ginger when you’re sick…a major detox!!! I was so wiped after that I crawled right into bed & slept 9 straight hours (never do) & didn’t wake up for even a second. It wasn’t until I awoke that I recognized the detox effect for what it was. I’m way impressed. I’ll probably be using it at the lowest longer than I anticipated. AMAZING!!!